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PYHA Ice for Sale at Owens Center

PYHA Guidelines - Ice for Sale

  • Forward to Webmaster any ice for sale, including length of time (i.e. 1 hour, 1.25 hours, etc.) and the price you are selling it for.
  • Selling team is responsible for collecting sales price from purchasing team and will remain liable for the cost of ice slot on the monthly ice bill.
  • It is highly recommended that both the selling and purchasing teams confirm any deal in writing with the other team.  PYHA is not in charge of enforcing the terms of any agreement.
  • Purchasing team is responsible for notifying, via email, Owens Center Manager of the change and the purchase for which the ice slot will be used (i.e. game or practice).  Information will be placed on the master ice schedule and appropriate locker room assignment(s) will be made.
  • Once an ice slot is sold/traded, please email the PYHA Webmaster, to have it removed from the website.

Nick Anderson


Phone: 309-472-5573

Doug Silberer

Owens Center Manager