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PYHA History

How it all began ...

Hockey began in Peoria in 1958, when Pete BardezBanian, in cooperation with the Peoria Park District, organized hockey at the Lakeview Outdoor Rink. In the early 1960's, Pete, along with Jim Machlan, Rich Ricca, Mark Olson, Bill Bond, Walt Brakeman, Dale Young, Robert Moulton, and Curt Sivertsen, organized two ice hockey teams. One team consisted of boys twelve and under and the other team consisted of boys thirteen and over.

The hockey season, at that time, opened at Thanksgiving and operated until mid- February, weather permitting. The four original sponsors of those early teams were Keenan Sporting Goods, First Federal Savings, Kreiling Roofing, and the Lions Club. In the middle 60's, the teams also utilized the Logan Outdoor Rink.

Jim Cummings, a Park Trustee, and other hockey enthusiasts were instrumental in the covering of Logan Ice Rink, which became known as the Logan Ice Dome. PYHA was formed in 1971, and with the covering of Logan Ice Rink, in 1972, hockey moved entirely to Logan.

PYHA moved its program in 1980 with the completion of Owens Recreation Center. Owens Center has two all-season hockey rinks, which enables PYHA a longer season.